Super Mario Bros. INFINITY

Super Mario Bros. INFINITY 1.0

Super Mario Bros. INFINITY is a remake of the Nintendo game, Super Mario
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The aim of SMB infinity is to clear as many levels as possible,
to score more points and to be maximally accurate.
There is no maximal number of levels.
You play as long as you can, because the levels are randomly
generated every time you play.
Game is divided into worlds. Every world have 4 levels.
And every world you fight against Bowser, which becomes stronger
after every defeat
The gameplay is similar to the original game, but not identical.
You have health and you can use weapons that will help you even to destroy parts of the level.
If you feel that the level is kind of impossible, you can use so called
"Change Level" spell, that will mess up everything, but it will cost you 4 lives.
But what about Princess Peach? umm, okay....
When your game is over, you can send your score and game statistics to the
Online Score List. And then you will understand do you saved Princess Peach or not.

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